We strive to promote and support the ideals of the Democratic Party throughout Kendall County, Illinois – one voter at a time by engaging voters at events and through phone banking and going door to door with candidates so the voters of Kendall County can have the opportunity to meet candidates and elected officials and allow them to voice their opinions and let our elected officials and candidates know what our expectations are of them as our representatives in government.  We encourage our candidates and elected officials to hold town halls and other meetings with their constituents so the voters can be engaged with them and give voters a chance to express their opinions and how they feel they are doing as representatives.

The right to chose who governs us is one of the most dearly held American traditions. Voting is the foundation of our democratic system of government. It is also why the Kendall County Democratic Party believes that every voter is important in every election, and why our Party encourages every citizen to exercise his or her right to vote.  Every election has a significant impact on the quality of life in Kendall County.  We believe that Democratic control of our government – from the city government all the way up to the federal government – is essential to ensuring that this community remains safe, productive, attractive, tolerant, and sustainable.  We believe that Democrats carry the message that responsible government requires long-range planning and common-sense management. We must have leaders who will fight for effective governance that serves the needs of everyone and their rights as Americans and citizens of Kendall County. Taking action – one voter at a time.