2018 Candidates - Kendall County Clerk

Democratic Candidates for the 2018 General Election

Andrew Torres

Candidate - Kendall County Clerk
Andrew was raised in Boulder Hill by the most hardworking and dedicated parents he knows. His father, raising two kids, working two or more jobs in education, attended graduate school and still found time to coach and volunteer. Andrew was taught this hard work ethic from his father growing up and instilled in him the value of education, honest hard work and working in service to others. His parents codified in him appreciation, humor and family.

Graduating Oswego High School, Andrew attended Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, focusing his studies on Economics and Political Science. His passion and appreciation of education took him back to his Alma Mater. He earned his MBA from Illinois, working full-time, with two children, 9 and 1, and his lovely fiancé. With her by his side, and their young family, Andrew wrestled through sleepless nights, long work hours and even commuting 100s of miles per class, to earn his degree.

Now, Andrew wants to put his hard work ethic, passion and commitment to service to work for his community as the next Kendall County Clerk. He believes serving his community is an honor and privilege, and that hard earned tax dollars of working families deserve efficiency, transparency and accountability.

Andrew will bring new insight to the office, enhancing the office to better serve the community as it continues to grow.

Andrew will work tirelessly on behalf of the hard working families of Kendall County, just like the one he was raised in.