2018 Candidates - Kendall County Board

Democratic Candidates for the 2018 General Election

Robyn Vickers

Candidate - Kendall County Board - District 2
My family and I moved to Oswego in 2004 because we loved the small-town feel and the friendly residents. Since then I’ve watched the village grow in both population and diversity, and while it’s not a small town anymore, it still has the same great sense of community. During that time, I have been an active member of several Oswego 308 district-wide committees. I’ve met hundreds of residents and listened and shared their concerns.

My professional background includes over twelve years of corporate management and consulting I have served on the Board of Directors of several non-profit groups and am an active member of the Kiwanis of Oswego, where I serve as Treasurer. In these roles, I have worked with multiple agencies and charities on joint projects. I am a founding member of the Democratic Women of Kendall County and the current President. I am also an elected Precinct Committeewoman for Oswego 23. These experiences have given me the necessary management, oversight, and collaborative skills required of a County Board member.


Amy Cesich

Candidate - Kendall County Board - District 1
I was an elected county board member for a two-year term from 2012 thru 2014. A point of pride is that I rarely missed a meeting, taking my role as a representative of the residents in this county very seriously. I believe in priority budgeting and believe that local government has a fiscal responsibility to its residents. As a result, we worked to balance the county budget in my first year on the Board. I never took tax payer paid health insurance because I believe it is hypocritical for a public servant to be offered greater advantages than the citizens we serve.

Since my time on the board I’ve continued to be very active in the community by serving on several boards and commissions. I serve on the Kendall County Sheriff’s Merit commission, the Kendall County Ethics commission and serve as the Vice President of the Yorkville Parks and Recreation committee. Most recently, I became a Certified Paralegal at DePaul University and continue to serve as a hospital victim Advocate representing Mutual Ground, providing support to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

As an experienced Board Member, I know the level of competence and caring that it will take to enhance the future of Kendall County. With your vote and your support, you will get a Board Member that you can trust to make decisions with compassion and common-sense. You will get someone who will seek out your opinion and put the interests of county residents ahead of big government or big money. You will get a Board Member that has a reputation for honesty and working with others, to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow.


1. 'I've worked with Amy on the Yorkville park board for the last eight years, Amy is someone you can always count on to stand up and speak out for what's right. We need Amy standing up for the residents of Kendall County.' Deb Horaz, Yorkville Park Board President

2. 'Very Commendable. Amy Cesich was one of the best board members I ever worked with. She always did her homework, came prepared and stood up for what she believed in. The residents of Kendall County, myself included, would be lucky to have her working for us again.' John Shaw, Former Kendall County Board Chairman

3. 'It's far too hard to find a person who seeks political office because of a big heart. The sort of heart that cares deeply about everybody's prosperity, freedom and well-being. Amy Cesich is one of those rare people. But Amy is more than just a person who cares. Amy is a person who thinks. She thinks hard about what makes sense, about what will help the businesses and the citizens of our county. She thinks deeply about the consequences of policy, and she works hard to find the truth behind the spin, the details that are swept under the rug or taken for granted. Finally, Amy has the sort of personal integrity that we all need from our decision-makers. Amy has proven these qualities in the past, and has garnered non-partisan praise for her contribution to policy decisions important to Kendall county. Amy Cesich has a caring heart, a practical mind, and quality of character. Because of this, she also has my vote.' Scott Thompson, Oswego